Doctors' chaos: Putin saves victims against “straight line” vaccinations

News and hallucinations of the hottest week

As you know from Internet memes, everything that is invented in the world today was invented by Soviet engineers in the 1960s. The theory of controlled chaos is thus in vain perceived as a harmful invention of the West. This is our domestic blood, one might say – beloved, warm and dear “perhaps”. What about the optional compulsory vaccination, what about the promotion of one's own capitalism, what about the naval battles in Crimea: everywhere the main rule is the lack of clear rules and relevant information.

Ten-storey residential building assembled by Chinese builders for 28 hours from housing units the size of a shipping container. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of building such a house for 20 apartments is only $ 3 million. Not a single guest worker was injured during the assembly. Photo: Still from video

In a fast-paced, ping-pong (and just as meaningful) world, our “maybe” has come to court. Earlier, when we read the newspaper without haste and scratched the back of our necks, we could say either “it's true” or “they collapsed from the oak, why everything happens by accident.” But now the old regime's media, which publishes exclusively verified reports and balanced analysts, are eating the last salt-free ruble in the ditch. Precisely because by the time they hand out their news and analytics, no one needs it – a chicken with its severed head has already escaped.

And here it works. Why not pursue a consistent government vaccination policy first, for example in Israel? Of course, there are a few points – and we did not have enough vaccines (as evidenced by the deficit in regions that arose with increased demand). And again, the factor of liberal intelligence, according to whose logic the Jews are real fascists by their “pressure” and all anti-inoculants are victims of the Holocaust (this is of course surprising, but that is why it is intelligence). But these moments would be hard to stop if there was political will. But why? To make people calmer? Don't make me laugh. Above are other thoughts, noble, about louboutins, not bast shoes.

In addition, it was enough to throw away the topic of compulsory vaccination (workers still can't let them die – someone has to feed the elite), because it all started. From the actual imposed restrictions – a ban on visiting restaurants (and even then they were moved at the time of introduction) and from August – a ban on checks in hotels in resorts in the Krasnodar region (although, after all, it's still like a card). All other redundancies of the unvaccinated, denial of access to transport, denial of admission to universities, etc., are theoretical possibilities and the state simply does not have sufficient resources to verify their implementation. Or even hallucinations from abnormal heat. Which is clear to any person who was not hit by the test. The most important thing is to endure this bakchanaly, a procession of regional sovereignty, it will not take long. On June 30, Putin will go straight to a smartphone line with people and save all vaccine users from overzealous officials. But did the process begin? Concerns, rumors, clutter, letters from “Sportlot” and other fleeing antibodies … But ten days ago there were drafts in the vaccination centers and now there are queues like going to the beach in Anapa. Thank you, dr. Chaos.

Vladimir Vladimirovich, by the way, is good to be a savior – he lives in the middle of a cyclone and there, as you know, there are snow lions and complete peace. Therefore, for example, he can take and say – something is happening with the gasification of the population, we should have a crystal bridge over the lake, in the sense of a gas branch to each house. Remember that this happened recently? And now the deputies are publishing the law, taking the national treasure under wraps and resenting that they will do everything. But then only last week it turned out that gas prices for consumers in Russia will rise by 1 percent from July 1. And we're talking about fuel produced by Gazprom and its affiliates. That is, who will pay for gasification? But something else was assumed. It was supposed – perhaps the capitalists themselves, who would lose civic responsibility at the loss of what they would do.

Here and in all other parts of the governance of our underdeveloped capitalism, there is the same chaos. An experiment is now underway with metallurgists who have allegedly “pushed” the state, absolutely according to the laws of capitalism. They are now prescribed the laws of socialism as therapy. Maybe, thanks to unexpected export duties, prices will also fall and there will be no deficit (and that, by the way, is a problem for the construction industry – in the end, we are talking about housing for you and me). The result is, of course, predictable – we have already carried out such an experiment with food prices. By the way, it's getting more and more fun in construction. The calculation is based on how to get out now as you like: the main thing is to get involved in the fight and then we'll see. These ideas are therefore a little more beautiful than the others – charter trains with migrants, the attractiveness of prisoners and even during the week when the idea was announced, even unemployed veterans from the sector in retirement. What do you think will result in our Russian qualified staff and advanced technology as a result? Probably show up? By the way, the Chinese boasted – they learned how to build a modern ten-storey residential building in 28 hours (!). Where do such talented migrants go?

The next week, the war almost began off the coast of Crimea, because Britain decided not to rule the sea for long. Everything seems clear here, there are simply no rules – we consider this water area to be our own and the British do not think so, because Crimea is not recognized as Russian. Here is their ship and they wanted to prove it, but a few air bombs on the course discouraged him. The military is generally the most adequate people in the world, everything is immediately clear to them. But politicians … The British Foreign Office says: our ship was not shot, the Russians are bragging. We won! And our State Department replied: you're lying, we've fired in the direction, so there's a record. We won! Do you smell? The British refute what did not really happen – he did not fire at the ship. Our Foreign Office denies what the British did not say. And damn you understand who is doing gesheft in this information chaos.

And it's time to learn to understand. Or try at least. It's the same for our Russians, perhaps the pragmatic Americans under Stephen Mann summed up the scientific foundations of chaos theory. We would be flattered if we came home to them and were stronger, but to survive we have to stick to our roots.


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