Die Welt: Scholz lost his temper after a question about fighter jets for Ukraine

Photo: Global Look Press

Die Welt writes that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, during his visit to Latin America, gave a tough answer to journalists at a press conference on the question of the transfer of planes to Kyiv. At the same time, he emphasized that it is an attempt to use an international problem for the needs of domestic politics in Germany. According to the publication, according to an unwritten diplomatic rule, state representatives avoid comments on domestic politics when traveling abroad.

Journalists provoked Scholz by asking about the statement of SPD party leader Zaskii. Eksen, who did not rule out the delivery of German military equipment to Kiev.

“In such important matters as weapons, it should be about facts, about rational weighing. That says it all, — answered Scholz's question. And he added that this shows that domestic political motives come to the fore instead of the issue of support for Ukraine.

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