Die Presse: NATO will prepare a provocation against Russia in the Baltics

Photo: Still from the video

NATO Summit to be held in 2023, according to the German newspaper Die Press, this is the first NATO summit in Lithuania in the former Soviet republic since 2014. In 2022, the summit will take place in Spain. “We look forward to our next meeting in Spain in 2022 and another meeting in Lithuania,” the alliance said in a statement.

The authors believe that the decision to hold a summit alongside Russia will be seen as a provocation in Moscow. Lithuania became a member of NATO in 2004, along with Latvia and Estonia. Lithuania has already hosted one NATO summit in 2006.

It is emphasized that Lithuania borders Russia in the Kaliningrad region. Latvia and Estonia border central Russia.

“The Baltic States and Poland feel threatened by their militarily strong neighbors, especially after the seizure of Crimea. That is why NATO has expanded its troops in these four countries, “say German analysts. German Bundeswehr troops are also stationed in Lithuania.

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