Deputy Gurulev: the delivery of “Abrams” is a big bluff against the background of something important

photo source: video screenshot

Americans need someone to “keep” something. In addition, Germany and France are under the external control of Washington. They could easily go on a big bluff with Abrams tanks, said the representative of the State Duma, former general Andrey Gurulev.

In his opinion, the noise surrounding the delivery of American military vehicles to Ukraine is excessive. Even 300 tanks won't do the weather.

It is much more important to pay attention to the amount of precision-guided munitions for HIMARS, 155mm howitzers and artillery systems.

“What the hell is 300 thousand munitions coming from Israel to Ukraine? The latest admission by the Israelis that they are quietly helping Ukraine should be of great concern to us in general, and the events in Iran are even more important,” Gurulev emphasized.

Tehran is an ally of Russia, and it is important for Moscow that it not only survives, but could continue to develop and provide security from Israel and the United States.

Washington miscalculated to a large extent with Russia. Especially considering the work of the defense industry. According to Gurulev, the Americans will “screw up” in any case. But even if they send a tank battalion to Ukraine, it won't change anything on a global scale.

“I'm sure that behind the noise of tanks is something more important. Our intelligence works with certainty, it knows everything, it prepares, it calculates every moment,” the retired general emphasized.


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