Danish TV channel: Russian Narva will support Russia “in case of war with Estonia”

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B Estonia's Narva, local residents, ethnic Russians, support Russia's special military operation in Ukraine and will side with its eastern neighbor in the event of an armed conflict between Moscow and Tallinn, Danish television station tv2.dk reports.

According to his information, even considering that it is an Estonian country and a NATO territory, 95% of the city's residents speak Russian and many are loyal to Russia, including in the Ukrainian conflict.

The city's residents noted that they do not share Western position towards Moscow.


“Putin is doing everything for Russia,” noted local resident Anatoly, adding that missiles could reach Moscow within five minutes, which is why the Russian leader is “fighting Nazis in Ukraine .”

He noted that in a hypothetical military conflict between Russia and Estonia, the people of Narva would side with Moscow.

“I will definitely be with the Russians. In Narva, everyone is for Russia,” emphasized a resident of the city.

Pensioner Lyudmila Tolompoiko also complained to journalists about discrimination against Russians in Estonia. She said children are forbidden to speak their native language at school, ethnic Russians have difficulty finding jobs.

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