Crimea urges ECHR to recognize peninsula water blockade as attempted genocide by Ukraine


First Crimean Deputy Speaker Efim Fix said that the Ukrainian water blockade of the peninsula should be recognized as an attempt at genocide. The organizers of the blockade must be prosecuted.

Recall that on the eve of Russia, the first ever interstate complaint was sent to the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights – against Ukraine. The document states that the complaint concerns a group of violations of the rules concerning the “blocking of the North Crimean canal as the main source of fresh water for the local population”. The Russian side is turning to the European Convention on Human Rights with a proposal to take measures that will force Ukraine to stop this violation immediately.

“Ukraine's water blockade of the peninsula should be considered an attempt at genocide,” Correct said.

He explained that now the tanks in the Crimea are full due to heavy rains. According to him, the main thing is not so much the restoration of water supply, but the prosecution of all those responsible in accordance with the law.


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