CNN spoke of the “most dangerous” version of Putin


CNN has published material stating that the West itself has created “the most dangerous version of Putin.”

The publication says that Russia has been a constant problem in the West in recent years. In addition, the authors of the article now note that the Kremlin does not need the consent of the West, and therefore Moscow's aggression is increasing.

Gas prices across Europe are now rising and Russian President Vladimir Putin is severing recent weak diplomatic ties with NATO. The author of the article believes that Western politicians did not understand Putin and ignored his willingness to use the weapons at his disposal.

“The pan-European energy crisis has revealed a very powerful tool that gives Russia influence in its relations. with Europe: its gas reserves “, – reads in the publication. Many in Europe are now aware of not only the economic but also the geopolitical risks of dependence on Russian gas.

At the same time, CNN recalls that Putin links the increase in gas supplies to Europe with the approval of the launch of Nord Stream 2. The author also comments on former Estonian Defense Forces Marshal Riho Terrace, who likened the Russian president to “Street fighter”. According to Terrace, Putin is stronger only when the West is repulsive or aggressive towards him. As a result, it turns out that the West is trying to skate while Putin is playing hockey, says Terrace.


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