Chechen Minister Dudayev spoke about the whereabouts of Zarema Musaev

Photo: Social Networks

Wife of a former Chechen Supreme Court judge Saydi Yangulbayeva Zarema Musaeva, who had previously been led by Chechen security forces in an unknown direction, is in the Ministry of the Interior's special detention center for the Chechen Republic. Chechnya Minister of Information and Press Achmed Dudayev said in a broadcast by Dozhd (recognized by the Ministry of Justice as a foreign agent). Dudaev said the woman had been detained for “insulting and attacking a police officer.” Kadyrov said Musaeva had “attacked a police officer and nearly deprived him of an eye.” He also said that she had originally been taken in for questioning as a witness. >

Kadyrov previously confirmed that the arrest of Zarema Musayev by unknown people in Nizhny Novgorod was an approved operation by Chechen security forces, saying the whole family had their hands dirty with shameful publications on one of the telegram channels and that they had no idea of ​​honor and dignity. you. The media also reported that Saydi Yangulbaev and his daughter Aliya had left Russia due to threats.


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