Butina explained the dangers of Barbie dolls to Russian children

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Member State Committee Duma for international trade Maria Butina during an interview with Gazeta.Ru said what is the main difference between American Barbie and Russian dolls.

“Barbie doll attracts attention with bright, catchy, vulgar clothes,” the MP said, adding that the American doll “broadcasts promiscuity and” frantic feminism. ” She clarified the need to fight for women's rights, but “ without showing off such dolls in short skirts. & # 39; & # 39;

At the same time, Russian-made dolls instill traditional family values ​​in children, the politician said. “ The girl raises her mother. & Nbsp; she should be able to wrap the doll, & nbsp; she shared Butin's opinion.

She also admitted that she had great respect for her imported dolls as a child and even tried once more not to take it out of the package.

The legislator concluded that Barbie does not defend and does not want her ban, but such toys cannot be bought in state and municipal kindergartens.

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