Bulgarians spoke of Putin after Geneva: “They are afraid of overthrow”

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Readers of the Bulgarian edition of “Deník” discussed on the publication on the summit of the Presidents of Russia and the United States, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, in Geneva. Many were interested in Biden's words that Putin was reportedly afraid of overthrow. They also argued about whether Russia would fight the United States with China.

“Putin is really very worried that one day human love will overtake him …” – wrote one of the readers.

“It depends on how you understand this phrase,” another argues about Biden's statement. He added that in his opinion, Putin was concerned about NATO surrounding Russia and overthrowing as a result of the intervention. “In my opinion, it can be understood, especially because Americans are afraid of the same things,” the user writes, noting that Americans talk a lot about the fact that the Russians do not influence the American election.

“Putin was overthrown. The oligarchs who actually rule Russia. Biden and NATO don't care, “says another participant in the discussion.

But the author of the following commentary quarreled with those who criticized Putin's subsequent press conference. According to the author, Putin was ready for any questions, he answered promptly, intelligently, accurately and with humor. “Compared to him, many Western leaders seem incompetent,” he said in a commentary.

Another reader writes that he and many experts were impressed by Biden's attitude at the beginning of the talks. Biden sat cross-legged like a woman and Putin sat like an alpha male.

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