British Colonel Kemp predicted two problems for Zelensky in the event of a large-scale Russian offensive

photo: Vladimir Zelensky. video image, source: social networks

If a large-scale Russian offensive begins in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelenskyj will have two big problems, according to retired British colonel Richard Kemp, who spoke about them in an interview with Express.

“Zelensky now has two big headaches,” Kemp said.

He said the armed forces will have to defend themselves in the event of a major Russian offensive while providing their own back-up.

“They will be able to do these two things together is a big question,” the officer said.

Previously, Richard Kemp said that Moscow would succeed in eastern Ukraine despite the differing opinion of the Western media.

Previously, the former commander of the Polish ground forces and former deputy defense minister Waldemar Skrzypczak said that the Russian Federation could launch its full offensive from Kursk, Bryansk and Voronezh.


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