Biden warned against trying to intimidate Putin


US Congressman Adam Smith advised President Joe Biden not to try to intimidate Vladimir Putin's Russian counterpart in forthcoming talks. In his opinion, the conversation should be limited to economic sanctions. Defense News quoted Smith as saying. “You can't hold him back by stretching his muscles and promising him military confrontation and defeat in Eastern Europe,” the congressman said. He expressed the belief that the American leader should make it clear to Moscow that the United States has allies who are ready to make them economically pay a high price.

The White House has previously confirmed Biden's intention to negotiate with Putin via a video link. The leaders intend to discuss bilateral relations and a number of regional issues.

Assistant President of Russia Yuri Ushakov announced on Friday a discussion between the heads of the United States and Russia on current issues on the international agenda, including the situation in Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Syria and Ukraine … Putin and Biden will also raise strategic issues. stability and are likely to discuss Russia's initiative to hold a summit of permanent members of the UN Security Council.

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