Biden talked about working with Russia

Monday, June 28, US President Joe During a video recording at a benefit event of the US Democratic National Committee, Biden said that Russia and the US have an opportunity to work together in the areas of nuclear non-proliferation and the fight against climate change. The transcript was published by the White House press group.

Biden said: “I have made it clear to President [Vladimir] Putin in Russia that relations with America must be stable and predictable, we must be able to work together where we have interests. The US leader also noted that the US will respond to specific actions that harm US interests and answer the issue of cyber attacks and interventions in the US economy.

According to Biden, Russia and the US are “competing for the 21st century” to see who will have the strongest economy. The American leader also believes that the rest of the world is conquering them. Biden demanded similar rules of conduct from China for the global economy of the 21st century. “/s>


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