Belarusian authorities have released details of the criminal liability of subscribers to extremist social networks

Photo: Still from the video

In Belarus, the country's Council of Ministers has adopted it resolution on measures against extremism and the rehabilitation of Nazism. On October 12, the document was signed by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko. BelTA informs about it.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 575 “On measures against extremism and rehabilitation of Nazism”, the authorities will monitor the Internet space, including social networks. Appropriate supervision of the Internet has been entrusted to the Public Prosecutor's Office, state security authorities and internal affairs authorities.

Special services will deanonymize users of social networks and instant messengers, identify administrators and active subscribers, extremist channels in Telegram and other social networks.

The actions of administrators and customers will receive an appropriate legal assessment and the prosecution of perpetrators will be carried out in points based on the specific role and guilt of each member of the extremist community or chat. The country's authorities have therefore decided to tighten control over the Internet space, which has recently become the main headquarters of the anti-government opposition in Belarus.


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