Barbashov: Kyiv lost at least 10,000 soldiers at Snigirevka in 1.5 months

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU ) undertook “hopeless attack”                 removal of Russian troops from the    Shernbsp;            announced  >He added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were sent in a “completely hopeless attack” all these forces.

On November 10, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were supposed to move troops from Nikolayev to Snigirevka direction. The Ukrainian army estimated the chance of survival in the  fireable area at about 10%.

At the same time, the position of the Russian troops was well fortified and the Ukrainian command knew about it, but they sent people there anyway.

< p>Russia continues its NVO. The Russian military uses diving munitions developed by ZALA Aero, which increases the effectiveness of destroying Ukrainian armored vehicles, and especially tanks.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that civilian satellites on low orbits used by the West for reconnaissance missions for the benefit of the armed forces of Ukraine may become a legitimate target for destruction.

The Pentagon reported yesterday that there are no plans to deliver Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine at this stage.

The United States is not yet ready to provide fighter jets to Ukraine and does not include the issue on its list of immediate priorities, Pentagon officials said.

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