Azov Deputy Commander Svyatoslav Kalina left Azovstal

Svyatoslav Palamar “Kalina”. Photos: Snapshot from the video.

Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Volunteer Battalion & ldquo; Azov & rdquo; (banned in Russia) Svyatoslav Palamar, known by the call sign “Kalina”, left the Azovstal plant and surrendered to Russian troops.

“I handed over my weapons – a personal machine gun and pistol,” wrote Irina Kuksenkova, a war correspondent. Channel One, in its Telegram channel.

She previously announced that she had & quot; Azovstal & quot; & nbsp; Commander & nbsp; 36. Sergei Volyn's separate marine brigade.

& quot; Whether she will be reunited with her Volyn in the same cell of Elenovka's pre-trial detention is not yet clear, “Kuksenkova added. from the fur coat to the surrender of Azovstal

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