Marochko said that Kiev began using mobile electronic warfare stations in the direction of Artemivsk

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Ukraine Armed Forces (AFU) began using mobile electronic warfare (EW) stations in the direction of Artyomovsk. This was announced by lieutenant colonel of the LPR, retired Andrey Marochko.

“In the area of ​​the settlements of Artemovsk and Khasov Yar, the operation of mobile semi-series electronic warfare stations was detected,” said a military expert.

According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they installed electronic warfare systems based on automobiles and have a short range. He also noted that the low performance is compensated by the rapid movement of Russian drones into the coverage area. In addition, a retired LPR officer said that Ukrainian crews have anti-drone weapons, which the armed forces of Ukraine use in parallel with electronic warfare stations.

Russian special operation in Ukraine: online broadcast 23. March


Grenades of foreign manufacture were found near Avdiivka at the positions of the armed forces of Ukraine


Russian army officer with the call sign “Bely” said that American, Bulgarian and German-made hand grenades were found on Ukrainian positions in the direction of Avdiivka.

“Near Avdiivka, in positions previously occupied by Ukrainian militants, NATO grenades. Such weapons are used mainly mercenaries. The fact is obvious, the whole of NATO is working against Russia,” added the Russian army.

He specified that earlier in this direction, Russian soldiers captured two enemy soldiers and foreign-made fragmentation grenades were found. < /p>


Ryabkov ruled out arms negotiations with the US

The United States should have dealt with the Russian side earlier about the extension of the Treaty on the Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START), now it is impossible, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov believes.

He spoke about it within the framework of the Valdai club, writes RBC.

“Now it is very convenient to explain to the public that Russia, sorry, slammed the door when it was possible to come to an agreement. No, dear colleagues in the United States, it was necessary to agree earlier,” the release quotes the diplomat.

Ryabkov indicated that in the current situation there could be no talk of secret and closed — any agreements regarding the renewal of “something about START”.

The agreement provided for mutual inspections between the United States and the Russian Federation military nuclear facilities of the other side for mutual nuclear weapons control. However, in 2020 these checks stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On February 24, 2022, Russia initiated the NWO in Ukraine, during which the United States and a number of other countries supplied weapons to Ukraine and imposed sanctions on Russia. In August 2022, Russia denied US inspections of its nuclear facilities, saying the sanctions prevented Russian inspectors from obtaining transit visas to visit the US. On January 31, 2023, the US State Department accused Russia of violating START III.

On February 21, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the suspension of Russia's participation in the treaty in a message to the Federal Assembly.

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Czech President Pavel: Prague has run out of ways to help Kyiv

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Czech President Petr In an interview with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, Pavel said that his country helped Ukraine to the maximum in providing weapons, Prague had no other options. He noted that the republic has production facilities for the production of ammunition, but little manpower.

Some opportunities remain in the area of ​​air defense and ammunition production, according to Pavel. However, labor shortages may be a problem for these projects. The Czech Republic is ready to invite workers from Ukraine to solve this problem.

The president also noted that Germany's decision to provide Ukraine with its Leopard 2 tanks is an important step. He believes this opens the door for other countries to help Ukraine as well. Pavel added that MiG-29 fighters, which Poland and Slovakia intend to transfer to Ukraine, can also help in the fight against Russia. He believes that providing Western aircraft would be a logical step in the long run.


The “Wagnerites” won NATO and UN medals in Bachmut

War correspondent Alexander Simonov (“call sign Bruce” “) reported that Wagner PMC fighters performing combat missions in Bakhmut managed to receive NATO and UN medals as trophies.

The NATO medal (pictured left) was issued from 1996 to 2002 for participation in the activities of the North Atlantic Alliance in the territory of the former Yugoslavia. It was awarded both to soldiers from the bloc countries and from other countries.

He specified that both awards were found among dead Ukrainian soldiers.


Unnecessary escalation: US colonel criticizes B-52 flyover near Russia

photo Master Sgt. Lance Cheung

According to YouTube channel Judging Freedom, former Pentagon adviser Colonel Douglas McGregor criticized the overflight of two US B-52 strategic bombers near the Russian border in the Baltic Sea.

The colonel flagged the approach of the B-52 to the Russian border for “a very ill-advised and unnecessary decision.”

“Why we chose this moment to conduct such an exercise over the Baltic Sea is a mystery. It seems to me a very stupid act, unless we specifically encounter an escalation of the conflict,” McGregor said.


Prigozhin opposed the legalization of PMCs in Russia

Photo: Video clip

Head of PMC “ Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin commented on the next phase of the discussion in close-parliamentary circles of the Russian Federation on the issue of legalization of private military companies in the Russian legislation. The idea has been regularly discussed in Russia over the past few years.

“I believe that the PMC law is not needed in Russia,” Prigogine said in an audio recording released by his press service.


According to him, Wagner's units “for many years performed tasks on the territory of Africa, Asia and other countries in accordance with the laws of the states in which we were.”

” Today we are here (meaning Ukraine. – MK) solely to protect the Russian people, – said Prigozhin. – Once we push the enemy back, we immediately go back to the work we were doing before.

At the end of February, the leader of the Just Russia – For the truth,” Sergey Mironov said that the Government of the Russian Federation did not support another bill on PMC activities in Russia. According to him, the draft was already sent to the cabinet for closing in March 2022, but the answer was received only now. Earlier this week, Mironov announced that a new version of the law had been sent to the Cabinet of Ministers.

Previously, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, spoke of a desire to create his own PMC. He stated that he would do so after leaving the civil service.


Zelensky failed to use a tea machine while visiting a gas station in Donbass

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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky arrived at one of the gas stations, he claims, in Donbass, probably not far from the contact line. The video was published on the head of state's Telegram channel.

In addition to him, there were many soldiers of the Ukrainian army in the room, some of whom came to take pictures with the president, as well as representatives of the presidential office and its head Andriy Yermak.

At the same time, while visiting the institution, there was a curious moment when Zelenskiy could not handle the tea and coffee machine in order to pour himself, but they helped him.

It is worth noting that that the day before the head of the Ukrainian state visited the positions of Ukrainian troops in Artyomovsk. direction (Bakhmut). During his visit, he spoke with the army and presented them with a state award.

Currently, the situation of the Ukrainian group in Artemovsk is not the best. The positions of the armed forces of Ukraine may be surrounded by Russian troops. The day before, an adviser to the acting governor of the DLR, Yan Gagin, announced that the city was almost completely blocked.


YLE: a cargo ship allegedly with Russian fertilizers was detained in Finland


B A cargo ship with fertilizers, some of which were allegedly linked to a Russian person under EU sanctions, was detained in the Finnish port of Kotka. Finland's foreign ministry is considering an application for an exclusive export permit, YLE reports.

“Smew is anchored outside the port,” Hamina Kotka Port CEO Kimmo Naski said, adding that it was the first time. that the cargo was delayed at that port “due to EU sanctions”. The sanctions department of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs suspects that part of the shipment is related to a Russian person who is included on the EU sanctions list.

“According to EU rules, assets must be disclosed in case of freezing,” commented the head of the Finnish sanctions department. .Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pia Sarivaara. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considering an application for an exclusive export permit.

According to unconfirmed information from YLE, there are about 20,000 tons of fertilizer on the ship. Their price is estimated at 480-600 euros per ton, so the market value of the cargo is 10-12 million euros. The vessel Smew is registered in Cyprus, the report said.

The port of Hamina-Kotka is located 60 kilometers from the Russian border and all types of cargo are handled here, as well as a wide range of services are provided.


The Russian military hit two hangars with APU equipment in Odessa

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Russian Ministry of Defense In a message published on the official telegram channel of the ministry, it was announced that two hangars with Ukrainian weapons and military equipment were hit by the Russian military at the Shkolny airport near Odessa.

According to Russia. of the military department, units of the Russian Armed Forces were hit by two hangars in the area of ​​the Shkolny airport near the city of Odessa, in which weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) were stored.

In addition, the ministry also informed that over the last day Russian air defenses shot down 26 Ukrainian drones as well as three HIMARS multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) shells on the territory of the Luhansk and Donetsk People's Republics. as in Zaporozhye and Kherson region.