Armenian President Sarkissian resigns


Armenian President Armen Sarkissian has resigned. According to him, the decision was not emotional.

“I thought for a long time and decided to resign from the post of President of the Republic after four years of active work,” he admitted. .

The Armenian leader's website states that he has resigned from his post “at this difficult time for our state.” The politician warned that “when national unity is needed, the institution of the president should not be subject to slander and conspiracy theories.” This, he said, diverts public attention from “the most important issues.”

Sargsyan also stressed that the President of Armenia now does not have the necessary tools to influence “radical domestic and foreign policy processes.” He also noted that the country is a presidential republic in terms of form but not content.

According to Sargsjan, there are certain political groups in the country whose goals are the president. As a result, Sargsjan thanked all citizens for their steadfastness, perseverance, as well as their patience and courage “in these difficult times for the country.” He also expressed special thanks to the soldiers and officers.

Sarkisjan was elected head of state in 2018. After the constitutional reforms in 2015, however, the country switched to a parliamentary form of government and the president's powers became exclusively representative.


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