An enemy of the Taliban in disgrace deported from Russia

“I spent the night in the” monkey bar “

There are coincidences: a delegation of the Taliban terrorist organization banned in Russia will come to Russia for a business visit, a meeting, if not friendly, then in no way In the case of a hostile reception and the enemy of this organization, student Rafiulla Rohani, is embarrassedly deported from Russia, or is it not a coincidence and an as yet unrecognized pattern? “text-align: center;”>

Deported 21-year-old student of the Cuban Technical University Rafiulla Rohani. Photo: [email protected]_rohani

​​Let's try to understand these complexities and solve the problem. So because: Rafiulla Rohani, 21, a citizen of Afghanistan, a student of the Cuban State Technological University (Krasnodar). However, the key fact of his biography – in terms of the problem – seems to be different.

Rafiullah Rohani is a member of an influential Afghan family whose leaders held key government positions for a previous regime overthrown by the Taliban. His father was the governor of Helmand province and an adviser to the president of Afghanistan, his uncle, General Haybatullah Alizai, was the chief of staff. On October 15, Rohani arrived at Domodedovo Airport in Iran, where his family is now, with the intention of going to the place of study. But he was detained at the border crossing.

“Rohani Rafiulla was questioned harshly and brutally by representatives of Russia's special civilian services,” said Daria Mitina, a publicist and politician, representative of the State Duma of the 2nd convocation (1995-1999) on her telegram channel. – They asked what he forgot in this country, – the paper from the university that he was a student did not impress him. They picked up the phone, demanded passwords from all social networks and accounts, opened correspondence with his uncle, who was now also forced to leave the country – they are after him, he was one of the main opponents of the Taliban. Rohani spent the night in the “monkey bar” without food and water, sleeping on the floor. I was deported in the morning. “

Fortunately, he was not deported to Afghanistan. But that would also be technically impossible: there is now no direct flight between Russia and this country. Rohani was deployed on a regular flight to Doha, the capital of Qatar. In Doha, however, according to the head of the Center for the Study of Afghan Politics, Andrei Serenko, Taliban officials tried to capture the young man: they met with him and tried to put pressure on him and offered to “surrender voluntarily”. “Which, of course, Rohani refused. And eventually returned to Tehran.

According to Serenko, the decision to deport Rafiullah Rohani was lobbied by the Taliban – through Russian officials, some of whom reportedly maintain not only business but also personal relations with the current lords of Afghanistan. The Taliban need a student hostage – to put pressure on his family and especially on his uncle's general, whom the expert calls “the enemy of Taliban number 1.”

It is clear that there is no direct evidence for this hypothesis. But unfortunately, there is also not enough material to refute “speculation”. First, the very fact of deportation is evident. And second, the growing ties between the Taliban and official Moscow. Not everyone, you see, a foreign organization allowed in Russia visits our region so often and feels as confident here as this one is banned. Why are there foreigners! Few Russian organizations find such hospitality in the corridors of power.

By the way, there is no information on the Russian Foreign Ministry's website banning the Taliban. The latest text on the State Department's website mentioning the Taliban – the announcement of the next Moscow-format meeting of consultations on Afghanistan, which was actually attended by the bearded guests of the capital – is as follows: “

And there is some indication that Roskomnadzor did not fine this internet resource for” disseminating information about a public association or other organization on the published list of organizations in respect of which the court has finally ruled on liquidation or prohibition. “

Realpolitik has its own logic, which does not coincide with the logic of general humanity. Relations between Moscow and the Taliban are apparently in that tender candy age, when everything is shaky and uncertain, when everything can collapse. It is not yet possible to talk openly about feelings, but gifts need to be made.

But there are certainly too many gifts in the form of giving new partners to be torn apart by their political opponents.

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