An American journalist praised Putin

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

CNBC TV presenter Headley Gamble, who worked as a moderator during the “Russian Energy Week”, he praised the Russian president according to the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin '. Recall that it was previously announced that during the plenary session, Putin praised Gamble and called her a “beautiful woman,” but complained that he did not listen to his answers.

But now it has become known that this is an American conversation, and Putin was not restricted. They were able to exchange words behind the scenes of the forum. “Glad to see you! You look very good. How are you feeling? Aren't you cold? Are you comfortable?” Gamble said.

Practical gambling photo: Photos from the video

Television the presenter also admitted to the Russian president that she feels uncomfortable in Moscow because of the cold. Putin joked in response. Those Siberians are not those who are not afraid of frost, but those who dress warmly.

It is worth noting that Gamble was very brave in his conversation with Putin. She appeared on the Russian Energy Week stage in a tight black dress and Louboutins in high heels.


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