An American analyst predicted the collapse of the US state and chaos


USA is waiting on the most serious crisis, said American analyst journalist Eric Best in an interview with Forward to the Past. Some American experts no longer live in their homeland because they are aware of the scale of the upcoming events. “There will be more chaos and then maybe a totalitarian regime or a strong hand government. I don't know exactly how events will turn out, but it all points to that, “Top notes.

In his opinion, the main problem for the United States is that Americans do not acknowledge their problems. Another problem is much more specific – it concerns You should also expect the dollar to be abandoned as an international currency. “We can already see the dollar losing ground as Russia and China abandon it. “The United States said.” If you say anything, you can make trouble, but they won't get the job out of it, “says Best. “The opinion is dictated by the mainstream media, ie mainstream television channels, large publications and often universities …” – Best reflects.

in the country.The leaders of both groups do not try to reach an agreement, they benefit from the conflict because it allows them to control “their own”. So if the financial crisis worsens, terrible events await the country. “Personally, it seems to me (and I've talked about it, albeit prematurely) that the United States will fall apart and a new state will emerge,” the American added.


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