American intelligence has failed to explain the origin of most UFO sightings

The extraterrestrial nature of “flying saucers” has been ruled out

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence of the United States of America recently published a report on unidentified air phenomena, or, as previously called, – unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Despite the fact that US intelligence officers responded to the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence with great skepticism, scientists have failed to explain the vast majority of UFO sightings.


A total of 144 UFO reports were considered in the report, 80 of which were detected by several sensors at once. US intelligence services have discovered certain patterns in the physical data (shape and size) and behavior (unusual patterns of movement) of “flying saucers.” It has been found that they can remain stationary in the air even in strong winds, maneuver carefully or move suddenly at a significant speed without accelerating.

The US National Space Intelligence Agency believes that UFOs can be detected due to various interferences in the air, natural atmospheric phenomena, American weapons tests, secret developments in foreign countries or for other reasons.

The authors of the report do not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence and its hidden activities on our planet. Most of all, the US intelligence service is concerned about the possibility of a potential opponent who has breakthrough or revolutionary technologies in the field of aircraft secrecy. This allows for military espionage as well as the deactivation of critical infrastructure during hostilities on which the national security of the United States depends.

The purpose of the study is not so much to document the existence or absence of foreign aircraft in the United States than to attempt to identify potential threats that could cause irreparable harm to the US government or military.

In some cases, military aircraft systems transmitted information that a UFO was an aircraft controlled by someone. For this reason, US intelligence services are very concerned about the ability of opposition states such as China, Russia or another nation to use breakthrough technologies for their own purposes, as this will significantly shake the US position in geopolitical terms.

The United States is one of the most advanced states in the field of weapons: in fiscal 2020 alone, the country's military budget was $ 778 billion.

US intelligence used data from the US National Aviation Intelligence Agency, as well as the FBI, Air, Land and Naval Forces, to gather information about UFOs. For analysis, we took information on unidentified flying objects from 2004 to 2021. The cases were investigated by the American Working Group on Unidentified Air Events.

According to her reports, most UFOs are not optical illusions, but real physical objects that have been detected by radars, infrared radiation or electro-optical means.

Lack of explanation for most UFO occurrences is considered to be due to a lack of reliable data and technical difficulties. The US intelligence services also did not consider the stories of pilots and military analysts as evidence unless the sensors were confirmed.

Despite the research, most cases of detection of unidentified flying objects remained unknown. An example of the phenomenon explained is the descending balloon which interfered with the observation means. The researchers were unable to identify the remaining cases due to problems with the processing and collection of information.

In the future, the Working Group on Unidentified Aviation Events also plans to expand the scope of its work to attract more researchers and use artificial intelligence algorithms to group patterns in validated data.


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