“Amazing!”: The Chinese admire Putin's reaction to the American journalist

Photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Users of the Chinese portal “Guancha” commented on the interview Russian President Vladimir Putin to US journalist from NBC Kir Simmons. They liked the cold-blooded and direct style of the Russian leader and especially his reaction to the persecution of the opposition.

Recall that Putin then reminded Simmons of the riots on the Chapter and the subsequent arrest. . “We have a saying: nothing can be blamed on the mirror when the face is crooked …” Putin snapped.

According to the Chinese, Russia has learned to respond to attacks by Western officials. They acknowledge that Beijing is using tactics derived from Confucian wisdom to prevent it from responding directly to attacks. But the Russians are doing it. “What a straight man!” “There is nothing to blame for the mirror if the face is crooked! “What a good expression!”, “I really like Putin's direct, sharp and open style,” “As Putin is expected to do!” Great! “- write on the web.

However, some Chinese stressed that there are other leaders who have afforded much more than Putin in relation to the United States. For example, former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave interviews to the US media and they were There's a difference between when you can swear, and when it's just that you swear, users think.

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