A record ranged throw of a grenade was set at military games

Photo: Ministry of Defense Press Service

For the “Peace Fighter Competition” “Organized as part of the International Army Games in Armenia, a Belarusian army officer set a record for throwing a 600 gram grenade at a distance. Captain Alexander Tavruk threw a grenade at a range of 72 meters 35 centimeters. This is a record for the Seventh Army Games. Throwing is done on four targets at a distance of 20, 25, 30 and 35 meters.The target consists of two circles with a common center.The diameter of the circle is 2 and 4 meters.

As a military sports projectile is used analogue of the Soviet defensive hand grenade F-1 (“lemon”) weighing 600 grams.The range depends on the physical characteristics of the soldier and is 30-45 meters in diameter.The radius of scattering of fragments is about 30 meters.

< In 2021, international army competitions are held at the training grounds of 11 countries ch her. 280 teams from 43 countries participate.

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