A political scientist has revealed US plans for Ukraine

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US will support Ukraine, but from a financial point of view will remain limited, said the expert of the Russian Council for International Affairs (RIAC) Alexander Gushchin.

As he noted in an interview with Lente.ru, the White House intends to reach a certain level of dialogue with the Kremlin.

“There is nothing to be said but a controlled confrontation – the US and Russia remain key competitors,” Gushchin explained.

According to the expert, Washington plans to continue to consider Ukraine as an advanced base for the West against Russia, but also as a “base for joining Europe.”

“Although Americans can always use the base to escalate the situation. , “added the political scientist.

Gushchin also said that Ukraine's accession to NATO cannot be expected, because the states and their partners do not intend to create a new focus of tension in relations with the Russian Federation.

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