A military expert told how fighters of the Ukrainian armed forces saved the Russian landing at Gostomel at the cost of their lives

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In the liberated territories of Ukraine, Russia should involve in self-defense units not only fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who have surrendered, but also men aged 25-40 years loyal to Moscow. This was announced Ukraina.ru military observer born in Kharkov, retired colonel Gennady Alekhin.

The expert noted that they should stand side by side with the Allied army. He admitted that his idea sounded paradoxical, but made a lot of sense. Alekhin announced a little-known fact.

“Now few people know that during the events in Gostomel, when our airborne forces occupied and held the bridgehead, they were assisted by two crews of howitzers of the armed forces Ukraine. Unfortunately, they fulfilled the task at the cost of their lives, but these are the first shoots, “remarked the expert.

Alekhin also recalled the practice 20 years ago, when local troops were formed in the north. The Caucasus, together with the Russian army, is successfully destroying radical Islamists.

The military observer stressed that the command should realize the importance of serious explanatory work with the people of Ukraine. The sooner she understands this, the more successfully the tasks in Kharkov, Nikolaev and Odessa will be resolved.

US National Intelligence Director Avril Haynes previously warned that the conflict in Ukraine would be long.

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