A military expert said the West could accelerate Russia's special operation in Ukraine

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Western countries have political instruments to accelerate the special operation in Ukraine, said Alexander Mikhailov, Director General of the Office of Military Political Analysis.

“All political instruments to accelerate the special operation are now in the hands of the West. There would be a desire to solve this problem without the use of military-technical means, this problem could be solved during the discussions on strategic security in the autumn of 2021, “he told the URA.RU portal.

Demilitarization demands in Ukraine to the east, as well as the cessation of US nuclear policy in Europe, he said were logical and understandable.

Mikhailov said the United States “refused to do all this and ignored any of our wishes.” He also said that it was possible to return to such a dialogue, “all diplomatic tools are available”, only the political will of Europe “without the consent of Washington” is needed. According to them, they do not believe the other.

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