A customer of an aggressive anti-Russian campaign in the United States has been revealed

Photo: pixabay.com Ukraine and potential war are increasingly appearing in the series American publications. Journalist Tucker Carlson has found that large military-industrial corporations are behind the aggressive propaganda. The American Thinker magazine reports about it.

The author pointed out a series of articles in Politico that are available to users without a subscription. In addition, newspapers are distributed free of charge in Washington. Each such publication is signed with the phrase: “Presented by Lockheed Martin Prime.”

“Lockheed Martin” & mdash; & nbsp; Next to the articles is an ad unit, which you can click to go to the official website of the F-35 & mdash; it is produced by this company.

Carlson also pointed out publications in another publication & mdash; Washington Post. There was an article entitled “Biden must show that the US is ready to support Ukraine militarily if necessary,” wrote one Michael Vickers, a former Special Forces and CIA officer. It turned out that after his resignation he was appointed to the board of defense of BAE Systems.

“This is a godless alliance of many branches of world government, arms dealers, mercenaries and the media. The coalition benefits from wars, so its members persuade governments to join the wars, and then the conflicts drag on indefinitely, & mdash; & nbsp; Carlson believes.

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