A Belarusian “Mujahid” who tortured the people of Donbas was eliminated near Artemovsk

Belarus Daniil Lyashuk “Mujahid”, who tortured residents of Donbas, was eliminated near Artemovsko

Daniil Lyashuk “Mujahid”. Photo: Social networks.

Muslim military chaplain Khadzhimurad Putilin wrote on social networks that in the battles near Bakhmut (Artemovsk) the infamous fighter of the Ukrainian “Tornado” battalion, a citizen of Belarus, Daniil Lyashuk, died. Ukrainian MP Andrey Lozovoy also confirmed the death of Lyashuk.

Lyashuk was known under the pseudonym “Mujahid”. Since 2014, he fought in the Tornado battalion, which included many criminal elements from Donbas. The battalion was characterized by the fact that it kidnapped the people of Donbas, extorted money and property from them, while people were usually tortured and women were gang-raped.

All these facts after the dissolution of the Tornado battalion were established by the Ukrainian justice and Lyashuk, involved into the kidnapping of ten people, became one of the main defendants in a high-profile criminal case about the crimes of the “Tornadists”. In 2017, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but in July 2021 he was released as an ATO veteran and after February 2022 he went to the front again. organization banned in Russia) Lyashuk “the most dangerous and cruel fighter of the Tornado battalion.”

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